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Eastview Advisory is an innovative, Australian-owned advisory firm. Our objective is to provide businesses and investors with new ways to maximise your returns from your commercial properties, enabling you to focus on growing your business or investment portfolio (or spend more time doing something else you love, because that’s awesome too).

We’re fiercely independent in representing your interests. Our sole goal is to achieve the best outcome for you, improving your business or investment performance through our holistic approach.

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Are you considering buying, selling, leasing, or managing commercial property? Our consultants can provide you with expert advice and support, helping you make the best decision for your business & commercial property.

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Eastview Advisory are experts in acquiring and procuring commercial property. From sourcing to negotiating, we offer an end to end advisory and acquisition service.

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Project Management

Project Management

Eastview Advisory are experts in acquiring and procuring commercial property. From sourcing to negotiating, we offer an end to end advisory and acquisition service.

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Commercial Property Central Coast

Commercial Buyers Agent Central Coast

Are you a business owner or investor seeking to make your mark on the Central Coast commercial property market?  Eastview Advisory is here to be your ultimate partner in the real estate journey.

With the right guidance and strategic approach, your investment can flourish. Our expert team, armed with years of experience and knowledge, is dedicated to empowering you to make informed decisions and seize lucrative opportunities. Let us be the driving force behind your commercial property investment success on the Central Coast.

The Central Coast’s allure as a prime commercial property investment destination is undeniable.  It’s not hard to see why, with its growing economy and increasing population driving demand for well-positioned spaces. Areas like Gosford, Tuggerah, Erina, Sommersby, Wyong, Jilliby are growing in popularity. Yet, many investors struggle to unleash the full potential of this opportunity due to a lack of local expertise and market insights. Eastview Advisory comes to your aid, equipped with a deep-rooted understanding of the region’s dynamics.

Our team’s property strategy and acquisitions expertise enables us to match your investment aspirations with the perfect properties. Moreover, our meticulous project management ensures that your vision for commercial fit-outs and new builds becomes a reality.

About Eastview Advisory: Your Trusted Property Expert

Eastview Advisory is not just your typical buyers’ agent and advisory firm; we’re your partners in success when it comes to commercial property ventures in Central Coast, NSW. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, including property strategy consultancy, acquisitions, and project management, Eastview Advisory caters to businesses and investors looking to make their mark in the lucrative commercial property market.

Strategic Property Planning

Your business goals deserve a property strategy that aligns with your vision. Our expert consultants will work closely with you to understand your objectives and tailor a property plan that maximises returns and supports long-term success.

Buy vs Lease Analysis Made Easy

To buy or to lease? That’s a question we can help you answer. Our detailed buy vs lease analysis considers your financial goals, growth projections, and market conditions to guide you towards the best choice for your business.

Seamless Disposals

When it’s time to sell your commercial property, Eastview Advisory steps in with strategic guidance to optimise the sales process. We can introduce you to the right partners to sell to and handle everything from property valuation to marketing and negotiations to ensure you secure the best outcomes.

Site Analysis and Land Use Strategy

Discover potential development opportunities with our site analysis and land use strategy services. We assess the feasibility and suitability of sites, providing you with insights to make informed decisions.

Diligent Due Diligence

Before you invest, our due diligence services provide a comprehensive assessment of potential risks and opportunities. We work alongside industry experts to empower you with the knowledge to make sound investment choices.

Tailored Acquisitions

Tenants’ Perfect Fit

As a business owner seeking to lease commercial space, we’ll find the perfect property to suit your requirements and budget. Our negotiators work tirelessly to secure favourable lease terms that align with your goals.

Investors’ Golden Opportunities

Looking to expand your property portfolio? Eastview Advisory identifies lucrative investment opportunities for investors like you. With extensive market research and due diligence, we ensure your investments stand firm.

Owner Occupiers’ Dream Properties

For businesses ready to purchase their commercial property, our expert team handles everything from negotiations to paperwork, making the acquisition process smooth and hassle-free.

Seamless Project Management for Your Central Coast Commercial Property

Transforming Spaces: Fit Out Project Management

Commercial fit-outs need expert management; we’re here to make it happen. From design to construction, our project management ensures your fit-out project exceeds expectations on time and on budget.

Building Dreams: New Build Project Management

When constructing a new commercial property, trust Eastview Advisory to manage the entire process from planning to execution. Our expertise ensures a successful and efficient construction journey.

The Eastview Advisory Difference: Background and Values

Expertise and Experience: Eastview Advisory’s crew is well-versed in commerce and property development, boasting years of experience in the buyers agent and real estate industry. Our wealth of knowledge sets them apart as trustworthy navigators in the commercial property market.

Independence and Loyalty: Just as a captain is loyal to their crew, Eastview Advisory is devoted to their clients. As an independent agency, our focus is solely on your success. Our unbiased advice and dedication ensure you sail towards your goals with confidence.

Core Values: Eastview Advisory’s business compass is guided by three core values – Simplicity, Consistency, and Responsibility. These principles steer our decision-making, client interactions, and service delivery, creating a seamless and transparent experience.

Flexible Consultation: Eastview Advisory understands that each journey is unique, so we offer flexible consultation options. Whether you prefer to meet in person or chat over the phone, our crew is ready to accommodate your preferences.

Past Success Stories: A Glimpse into Our Achievements

We are immensely proud of our past successes, which testify to our expertise and dedication. Some of our notable achievements include:

New Store Design and Construction: We successfully managed the design and construction of a new store for a national retailer in Bald Hill. Our meticulous project management ensured that the retailer’s vision was brought to life, creating a space that captivated customers and boosted business.

End-to-End Project Management for a National Retailer: In Preston, we undertook the end-to-end project management of a massive retail space spanning over 20,000 square meters. Our attention to detail and flawless execution ensured the project’s seamless completion, delighting the retailer and their customers.

New Site Acquisition for a Multinational Business: In Tullamarine, we facilitated a new site acquisition for a multinational business. Our extensive market research and negotiation skills helped secure the perfect location, providing the company a strategic base for their operations.

Central Coast Commercial Property Buyers’ Agent 

Eastview Advisory is your trusted and knowledgeable buyers’ agent and advisory firm on the Central Coast. With our expert consultancy, tailored acquisitions, and seamless project management, we’re dedicated to helping businesses and investors like you achieve your commercial property goals. Whether you’re starting your investment journey or expanding your portfolio, Eastview Advisory is here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s make your commercial property dreams a reality together.

Key Achievements:

commercial space sourced, assessed and negotiated
$107m +
greater than $107 million worth of projects delivered
countries negotiated and projects delivered in


A buyer’s agent – or buyer’s advocate – is a property-buying professional who specialises in searching for, scoping out and evaluating properties, as well as negotiating or bidding at auction on your behalf.


Yes, buyer agents frequently work with first-timers and understand the specific challenges they may face. We will guide you through the entire process, explain each step, and help you navigate any uncertainties.

The Central Coast offers several promising locations for investing in commercial property.

Here are some of the best spots to consider:

Gosford CBD: As the administrative centre of the Central Coast, Gosford’s CBD is a prime area for commercial property investment. Its central location, excellent transport links, and proximity to government offices make it an attractive choice for businesses.

Erina: The Erina area, particularly around the Erina Fair shopping complex, is a bustling commercial hub. With a high volume of foot traffic and a diverse range of retail and service businesses, it presents an opportunity for commercial property investors.

Tuggerah Business Park: Tuggerah’s Business Park is a strategic location near the M1 motorway and various businesses operating in the area make it an appealing choice for commercial property ventures.

West Gosford: This area offers a mix of industrial and commercial properties, making it suitable for a variety of businesses. Its proximity to Gosford and transport connections add to its appeal.

Wyong CBD: Wyong’s CBD is a growing commercial area. As the gateway to the northern part of the Central Coast, it holds potential for commercial property investments.

Terrigal: As a popular tourist destination, Terrigal offers opportunities for commercial property ventures in the hospitality and tourism sectors. 

The Entrance: Another well-known tourist spot, The Entrance, offers potential for commercial properties related to tourism, hospitality, and retail. 

Woy Woy: Woy Woy’s commercial area serves the needs of the local community and presents investment prospects in the retail and service sectors.

Lake Haven: Lake Haven’s shopping centre and its surrounding commercial precincts offer options for investors looking to tap into the retail market in this part of the Central Coast.

Umina Beach: Umina Beach’s commercial district provides opportunities for businesses catering to the local population and tourists exploring the area.


A local buyer’s agent possesses a comprehensive understanding of the Central Coast’s unique property landscape. Our familiarity with the area’s amenities, schools, transportation, and development plans can help you make well-informed decisions about your property purchase.

We specialise in a wide range of commercial properties, including office spaces, retail units, industrial complexes, warehouses, and land development opportunities. Our diverse portfolio ensures that we can cater to various investment preferences.

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