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Eastview Advisory is an innovative, Australian-owned advisory firm. Our objective is to provide businesses and investors with new ways to maximise your returns from your commercial properties, enabling you to focus on growing your business or investment portfolio (or spend more time doing something else you love, because that’s awesome too).

We’re fiercely independent in representing your interests. Our sole goal is to achieve the best outcome for you, improving your business or investment performance through our holistic approach.

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Are you considering buying, selling, leasing, or managing commercial property? Our consultants can provide you with expert advice and support, helping you make the best decision for your business & commercial property.

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Eastview Advisory are experts in acquiring and procuring commercial property. From sourcing to negotiating, we offer an end to end advisory and acquisition service.

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Project Management

Project Management

Eastview Advisory are experts in acquiring and procuring commercial property. From sourcing to negotiating, we offer an end to end advisory and acquisition service.

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Eastview Advisory Provides Commercial Buyer’s Agent services in Canberra.

Do you dream of moving your business to a prime location in Canberra? Or are you looking to invest in the local commercial real estate market? No matter which path you imagine, Eastview Advisory is here to turn your dreams into a reality. Our team offers unbiased advice to guide you through the process from start to finish. Whether you are looking for a strategic business location or a sound investment, we will work with you to navigate the market. 

What’s a Commercial Buyer’s Agent? and Why Eastview?

When it comes to property hunting, having a buyer’s agent on your side offers a huge advantage. Unlike traditional real estate agents, who represent the seller’s interest, our buyer’s agents work exclusively for you- the buyer. Each buyer’s advocate has invaluable knowledge about the market that can help businesses and investors secure the best deal.

But what makes Eastview stand out compared to other agents? It’s simple. We know Canberra like the back of our hand. Plus,  choosing Eastview Advisory means selecting a partner dedicated to your success in Canberra’s commercial real estate market.

  1. Tailored Property Shortlisting: Cut through the clutter with a buyer’s agent who customises your property search. Your preferences guide the selection, saving time and focusing on properties that match what you are looking for.
  2. Localised Insight into Canberra’s Diverse Neighbourhoods: Capitalise on our extensive knowledge of Canberra’s neighbourhoods. Our team leaves no stone unturned. Whether you are searching for an office in the CBD or an industrial warehouse in the suburbs, we will find the perfect place.
  3. Strategic Negotiation: Canberra’s real estate negotiations have their nuances. Our buyer’s representatives are well-versed in these subtleties. We employ strategic negotiation techniques to secure the best terms for you. From navigating price considerations to handling intricate contract details, we ensure that every aspect of the negotiation process is managed.
  4. Access to Unlisted Properties: Beyond the conventional listings, a buyer’s advocate often has access to unlisted properties and exclusive industry networks. This exclusive access opens doors to off-market properties that are not widely publicised. Tapping into these off-market opportunities ensures your property search is as thorough as possible.
  5. Tailored Stress Reduction and Assurance: The complexities of property transactions can be overwhelming. However, your buyer’s agent is here to help you reduce stress. Their meticulous approach and commitment to your peace of mind mean you can confidently navigate the process. 

Canberra’s commercial real estate market is constantly evolving, offering ample opportunities for investors and businesses. The city has experienced significant growth in technology, healthcare, and government sectors in recent years. Consequently driving up demand for office space, industrial facilities, and retail developments.

This trend presents lucrative opportunities for commercial buyers, particularly those looking to purchase land for development or existing properties with strong potential for rental growth.

Our team has experience working with a wide range of property types across the region, including:

  • Office buildings: Ideal for businesses of all sizes.
  • Industrial facilities: Suitable for manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing operations.
  • Retail properties: Ranging from small shops to large shopping centres.
  • Development sites: Offering the potential for significant capital growth.
  • Mixed-use developments: Combining residential, commercial, and retail components. 

Client Success Stories with Eastview Advisory

Interested in seeing the concrete difference a commercial buyer’s advocate makes? With Eastview Advisory, you don’t have to wonder. Check out some of our success stories:

  1. A national retailer approached Eastview Advisory, seeking to enhance the performance of an existing store. Through strategic negotiations, our commercial buyer’s agent secured:
    – A substantial annual rent reduction of $75,000.
    – A $1,000,000 contribution towards refurbishment works.
  2. Eastview Advisory was tasked with helping a client expand their mechanical repairs business by finding land that could accommodate two warehouses. Our buyer’s agent found the perfect spot and negotiated the price down to a remarkable 7% below market value. This strategic move laid the foundation for the client’s business to thrive in purpose-built facilities.

Your Commercial Real Estate Journey Begins with Eastview

In the maze of Canberra’s commercial real estate, Eastview Advisory shines as your reliable partner. From guiding you through the market to successfully securing transactions, we’ve got your back. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 

Key Achievements:

commercial space sourced, assessed and negotiated
$107m +
greater than $107 million worth of projects delivered
countries negotiated and projects delivered in


The Eastview Advisory team offer a range of services, including tenant advisory services, project management, and buyers’ advocacy services.

Yes, Eastview Advisory values collaborative efforts and partners with legal professionals, surveyors, and financial experts, providing clients with a comprehensive support system and streamlined processes.

Yes, Eastview Advisory provides a personalised and supportive approach for first-time buyers, guiding them through the intricacies of commercial real estate and helping them make informed decisions.

Our advocates employ strategic measures to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a smooth and controlled buying process for clients.

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